Below index presentation (thumbnail view) do not show the entire photographs - particularly on small mobile devices like smart phones. Fitting them in the frames, parts of the photographs are outside of the shown area. To view the photograph entirely you have to switch to the single photograph view by clicking on the photograph - either opening the large image slideshow presentation mode (desktop only) respectively the permalink view (on both desktop and mobile). In these presentation modes you get additional information in the caption of each photograph about size (resolution in px) and cropping as the case may be. Where uncropped is stated the photograph has a 3:2 pixel aspect ratio. In the single photograph view a low resolution sRGB water marked photograph download option is available.

During purchasing process you have the possibility to choose between a 4.000px long-edge downsized and a full sized option. Both of them have 300 dpi. Additionally or alternatively you have the option to order high quality prints in different sizes on a wide range of professional media types. Further details in this respect can be found in the services overview.

Important note for print orders:
All photographs have a 3:2 aspect ratio unless "cropped Master" is mentioned in the photograph caption - no adjustment is necessary in 24″ x 36″ print format. Selecting other print formats an appropriate cropping from the center of the photograph takes place.
In case of desired special panoramic formats (only available for large prints exceeding 36″ on the long edge) please contact Videografic.

For the time being only national delivery (within Germany) is offered as shipping option in the webstore. In case of needed international delivery please contact as a first step Videografic to clarify both corresponding pricing and further process of placing the order.

Delivery comprises art-secure packaging: all prints are wrapped in jewelry paper, sticked in stable mailing tubes and subsequently put in a secondary packaging for final dispatch.