3rd 4k drone based teaser – Lake Spitzing


Lake Spitzing (Spitzingsee) - 1084 m above sea level - , located approximately 5 kilometres south of Lake Schlier (Schliersee) is one of the largest alpine lakes in the bavarian alps in the Mangfall mountains. Shortly after sunrise you can get some really awesome shots in an deserted environment. The panoramic view together with a fascinating interplay of colours on an early warm summer morning may take your breath away. Shots are taken mid of june 2017.

This teaser is the 3rd part of the new series of alpine mountain lakes videos solely shot by drone. For the time being you can also find this teaser in the trailer secction of Videografics website. Further teaser are work in progress. To view this video in 4k resolution please switch to Videografic's youtube channel.


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